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636840 Russia; Tomsk area; Asino;

St. Vokzalnaya 3A/3


Harvesting of mushrooms in the Siberian regions of Russia began. The year 2019 promises to be fruitful for mushroom and nuts (as Boletus pinicola,  Cantharellus cibarius) we have already begun work on harvesting mushrooms this year. Experts say about a good harvest in Russia this year.

Our production

Boletus pinicola
Boletus pinicola; Frozen; Extra Category
Boletus pinicola; Frozen; Category 1 size A 
Boletus pinicola; Frozen; Category 1 size B
Boletus pinicola; Frozen; Category 2 size A
Boletus pinicola; Frozen; Category 2 size B
Boletus pinicola; Frozen; Cube dice

Boletus pinicola; Dried; Category 1
Boletus pinicola; Dried; Category 2
Boletus edulis; Dried; Category 3

Boletus pinicola; Boiled; Extra Category
Boletus pinicola; Boiled; Category 1
Boletus pinicola; Boiled; Category 2

Cantharellus cibarius
Cantharellus cibarius; Frozen; size large
Cantharellus cibarius; Frozen; size small
Cantharellus cibarius; Frozen; size granule
Cantharellus cibarius; Dried
Cantharellus cibarius; Saline

Leccinum aurantiacum; Dried;
Xerócomus; Dried

Vaccínium vítis-idaéa; Frozen
Oxycóccus; Frozen
Rosae Fructus; Dried

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Boletus pinicola Frozen

Frozen; Category 1 size A